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Haja Peer Mohamed H

Protect And Share Your Office Documents Online

Microsoft Office Live Workspace is now offering free online documents sharing and storage facility to it’s users. You should never upload your important documents on to some free file sharing websites where your file can get deleted anytime and there is no certainty of file protection also. Microsoft allows users to use it’s free online file storage and sharing service to keep their documents safe, even with password protection.
  • It’s easy with Microsoft Office Live Workspace
  • Store up to 5GB online
  • Works with Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • View, edit, share documents with password-protection
“Office Live Workspace lets you upload a large file and lets you easily share it with your  group members, so that they can make changes and send it back to you. You don’t have to worry about emailing anymore, it eliminates the mess.
My advice to other students not using Office Live Workspace, would be: Get one.” says, Marty Henningsgard, a college student. 
Benefits of Microsoft Office Live Workspace

1. Absolutely free online storage up to 5 GB per account
2. Access your files from anywhere using your login details
3. Supports Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents
4. View, edit and share documents online with password protection
5. Use your Hotmail/Live or MSN account details to login – No extra sign up required
6. Manage all documents at one place

Robert W, a teacher quoted, “I have created workspace to let debate team members post documents, take notes and meet online rather than during school hours. I can monitor their progress and coach them more efficiently during my free time, rather than taking class time to do this. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

Microsoft Office Live Workspace eliminates the need of using a flash drive since all your documents can be accessed and managed online. This is free, convenient and secure.

Access Anywhere
  • View documents from almost any computer
  • Eliminate flash drives
Online Storage and Sharing
  • View and share password-protected files (up to 5 GB) without losing control
  • Work together with others on the same files
Works with Programs You Know
  • Open and save files from familiar programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Manage documents in one convenient place

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