Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Bell Labs Unveils Green Initiative To Cut IT Emissions And Carbon Emissions

With an aim to reduce carbon emissions of the world's communication infrastructure like internet by 1,000 percent, Bell Labs has announced a new initiative called Green Touch. According to the company, the project aims to bring together research bodies, government departments, and other network providers to help reduce the carbon emission levels of the IT industry from its current level of 300 million tonnes per year. Bell Labs is the research arm of network infrastructure firm Alcatel Lucent.

The initiative had been set up as part of a "wake up call to the industry that a clean slate approach is needed" to help create a more energy efficient communications network for the future. Many research indicates that it's possible to reduce the impact of the network infrastructure 1,000 times, but doing so will require the whole industry to get onboard. As such, we offer an open invitation to anyone in the IT industry to join the group.

Currently, around 15 key members have already joined the Green Touch consortium, including AT & T, China Mobile, Telefonica and MIT, with the goal of introducing new efficient technologies for networks within the next five years. The move is very exciting, and will lead to huge changes in the IT industry, especially at a time when demand on communication networks is growing massively.

Now with cutting emissions on everyone's minds, these initiatives can give a boost to reducing the carbon emissions around the globe.


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