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Many programs in Windows 7, such as Firefox, will utilize your geographic location. This location will be used in a variety of ways including letting people know where you are when you send emails and take pictures etc.

To set your default geographic location, do the following:
1. Click the Start button, type loc, and click on Default Location
2. From this screen, you may set you default location settings

3. When you are done, click Apply Now you are ready for maximum utilization as more
location-aware programs and services are released.

Windows 7 has some excellent new features.Also read other tips and features of Windows 7. And I can say that Windows 7 is Microsoft‟s best operating system to date; I am in no doubt about this statement. The future is bright.

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This is really an excellent post. I never came across this... Just how good Microsoft Is.... Great! also great post!

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