Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Know About The Windows 7 Desktop Screen

Before getting to the specifics of working with Windows 7, take a few seconds to familiarize yourself with the basic screen elements.

1. Desktop Icon
An icon on the desktop represents a program or Windows 7 feature. A program you install often adds its own icon on the desktop.

2. Mouse Pointer
When you move your mouse, this pointer moves along with it.

3. Taskbar Icons
You use these icons to launch some Windows 7 features with just a mouse click.

4. Time and Date
This is the current time and date on your computer. To see the full date, position the mouse over the time. To change the date or time, click the time.

5. Notification Area
This area displays small icons that notify you about things that are happening on your computer. For example, you see notifications if your printer runs out of paper or if an update to Windows 7 is available over the Internet.

6. Start Button
You use this button to start programs and launch many of Windows 7’s features.

7. Desktop
This is the Windows 7 “work area,” meaning that it is where you work with your programs and documents.

8 . Taskbar
The programs you have open appear in the taskbar. You use this area to switch between programs if you have more than one running at a time.


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