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Logical Side And Physical Side Of Active Directory | The Two Sides Of Active Directory

Active Directory has both a logical side and a physical side, and each one plays a very important role. The physical side is made up of the domain controllers and physical locations where the domain controllers reside. When you promote a system to domain controller status, you will usually place that domain controller close to the user population that will use it for authentication and access. 

Domain controllers need to communicate with one another to share the information they have. The logical side is a little more nebulous; as well as containing the objects that define how the resources are organized and accessed, the logical side contains objects within Active Directory that define how the domain controllers will communicate with one another. Active Directory sites and site links define which domain controllers will replicate directly with each other and which ones will have to communicate indirectly through other domain controllers. 

Domains dictate the replication scope. When you create a domain, the domain partition is replicated only to domain controllers from the same domain. The domain partition is not copied to domain controllers outside of the domain. This allows you to partition your directory service and reduce the size of the database file that holds all of the forest’s objects. Forests and domains are discussed in greater detail in Chapter 3, “Active Directory Forest and Domain Design.”

Organizational units are used to organize objects for easy administration and to manage those objects easily using group policies. To have efficient administration of resources, you should design your Active Directory with administration in mind. 

If you are in the process of rolling out Active Directory, be sure to develop a detailed plan for the rollout. Without a good design, Active Directory may not work efficiently for your environment. If your design does not meet the needs of your organization, you may be faced with either suffering through working with an inadequate design or rebuilding your Active Directory infrastructure from the ground up. Neither of these options will sit well with your user base or the management of the company.


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