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Reviewing And Activating Windows 7 PC

As Figure below, the System page in Control Panel (Start→Control Panel→System and Security→System) provides links for performing common tasks and a system overview in four basic areas.
Figure: Viewing the computer’s basic information

Windows edition
Lists the operating system edition and service packs. To protect your computer and optimize performance, you’ll want to ensure that your computer is running the latest service pack. With Windows 7, you can install service packs and other product updates automatically as part of Windows Update. To learn more about Windows Update Read More.

Lists the processor, total memory, and performance rating of your computer. Your computer’s performance rating (the Windows Experience Index) was computed automatically during finalization of the installation. The Windows Experience Index is calculated based on the processor speed, total memory, graphics processor, and hard disk transfer rate.

Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings
Lists the computer name, description, domain, and workgroup details. All computers are members of either a workgroup or a domain, and this membership affects how you can configure the computer and the available options. 

Windows activation
Lists the computer’s product ID and activation status. If your computer is using a retail version of Windows 7, it must have a product key and you must activate the operating system using this product key. In Windows 7, the product key provided during installation is what determines the operating system version and features that are installed. When you upgrade your Windows 7 edition, you are essentially buying a new product key and telling Windows 7 to unlock and install the additional features of this edition. Read The Following Post To Know More:

Retail editions of Windows 7 use product keys. Windows 7 requires activation over the Internet. In the System console, activate the operating system by clicking “Activate


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