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What You Can Do with Windows 7 | Do More With Windows 7

Windows 7 is an operating system that contains a collection of tools, programs, and resources. Here is a sampling of what you can do with them. 

Create and Edit Pictures
Windows 7 comes with a lot of features that let you work with images. You can create your own pictures from scratch, import images from a scanner or digital camera, or download images from the Internet. After you create or acquire an image, you can edit it, print it, or send it via e-mail. 

Get Work Done
With Windows 7, you can run programs that enable you to get your work done more efficiently, such as a word processor for writing memos and letters, a spreadsheet for making calculations, and a database for storing information. Windows 7 comes with some of these programs (such as the WordPad program), and you can purchase and install others separately. 

Get on the Internet
In Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced the Network And Sharing Center as the one place to go for most network-related tasks. The concept annoyed some longtime Windows network tasks they had... Read more: http://www.bench3.com/#uds-search-results#ixzz0dgPPkkdt
Windows 7 makes connecting to the Internet easy. And after you are on the Net, Windows 7 has all the tools you need to get the most out of your experience. For example, you can use Internet Explorer to surf the World Wide Web and Windows Live Mail to send and receive e-mail.
Historically, Microsoft has introduced a major update to Internet Explorer with each new version of Windows . That tradition continues with Windows 7, which uses Internet Explorer 8 as its default program for browsing webpages and... Read more: http://www.bench3.com/#uds-search-results#ixzz0dgPn3oL2
Play Music and Other Media
If you doubleclick an album in the library, it begins playing through the default playback device (normally, your PC's speakers) . When you insert a DVD, the player starts, switches to full-screen mode, and begins playing back the movie ...Read more: http://www.bench3.com/#uds-search-results#ixzz0dgQFXPB0 
Windows 7 has treats for your ears as well as your eyes. You can listen to audio CDs, play digital sound and video clips, watch DVD movies, tune in to Internet radio stations, and copy audio files to a recordable CD. 

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