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Changes Made To Windows Explorer In Windows 7 | The New Libraries In Windows 7

In Windows XP and Windows Vista, you have special folders named “My Documents,” “My Pictures,” and so on for storing your files. However, not many people actively used these folders for storing their personal data... [All You Want To Know About Libraries In Windows 7].

In Windows 7, Libraries address the problem of users’ data being stored all over the PC by allowing users to have full control over their Documents Library folder structure. This means that in Windows 7, users can define which folders to include in the Documents library. This is true for every library in Windows 7. But before we dive into the definition of a library in Windows 7, let’s look at the Libraries’ role in the experience of a user using Windows Explorer. Also Read:  All You Want To Know About Libraries In Windows 7.

Changes In Windows Explorer:
Windows 7 introduces several changes to Windows Explorer: both in the user interface and in the way users interact with Windows Explorer. The changes were made to simplify browsing as well as to provide better search capabilities so that you can quickly locate that one file you’re looking for, wherever it might be stored on the local computer or remote server. 

Windows Explorer in Windows 7 offers a familiar user experience to users of Windows XP and Windows Vista. Using Libraries should feel just as natural as using any other folder. With that said, Windows Explorer in Windows 7 provides a cleaner user experience around everyday tasks like navigation; viewing common files such as documents, images, and music; removing a lot of the clutter in the Navigation pane; and making it easy to preview documents in the Preview pane. 

Integrated Search Feature:
Another improvement in Windows 7 is the integrated search function, which makes it easier to perform a customized search on a given library directly from Windows Explorer by adding to the existing search box specific search filters such as Authors, Modified Date, File Type, Date Taken, and others. These filters are based on metadata associated with each file and are quickly accessible to Windows Explorer because the files in a given library are indexed in advance.
For example, the following screen shot displays the view of the Pictures library, including an image preview and the search filters as shown in the gray box in the top right corner. 

The search filters enable the user to fine-tune a given search and therefore narrow the search results. 

This rich and high-performance user experience is powered by Libraries and the way they
integrate into the Windows Shell.
Shell folders are special folders that Windows uses to indicate the default location for many types of settings and data. These shell folders may be moved in a bewildering variety of ways: by a right-click Move Here in Windows Explorer... Read More [Easy Ways To Move Shell Folders And Its Contents]


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