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Using The Default Windows 7 Calendar With Windows Live

Start With Windows 7 Calendar: To view your calendar in Windows Live Mail, click the Calendar icon in the bottom left of the Windows Live Mail window (or make the menu visible with the Alt key, then select Go→Calendar). The calendar will be displayed.
Viewing the calendar in Windows Live Mail

By default, three calendars will be created for you: My Calendar (your personal calendar), Birthday calendar (your contacts’ birthdays calendar), and Holidays (the holidays of the country you have selected).

You can create a new Calendar by clicking the “Add calendar” link, as shown in the below screenshot.
Creating a new calendar allows you to organize the entries according to specific occasions. For example, you might have a calendar for company meetings and another for family matters.

You can also share calendars that you have created with your friends or the public. Before you can share your calendar, you need to sign into Live.com. Click the Sign In button in the upper right of the Windows Live Mail Window (if you see your Windows Live ID listed there instead of a Sign In button, it means that you are already signed in). 

However, to do so, you need to use the web-based version of Calendar. First, log in to http://calendar.live.com. You will be asked to sign in using your Live ID (the one that you signed into from within Windows Live Mail). Once you have signed in, you will be able to specify which calendar you want to share by clicking the Share link. You can then specify whom you want to invite to subscribe to your calendar, and the selected recipients will receive an email invitation. 
To immediately synchronize the calendars and events created in Windows Live Mail with the Calendar in Live.com, press F5. 

Another interesting thing you can do with Windows Live Mail is subscribe to an online calendar. Subscribing to online calendars allows you to view the calendar of another party and be updated automatically when the party’s calendar is updated. 

To subscribe to a calendar published by other users/organizations, click the Subscribe link. And you will be asked to either subscribe from a public calendar via a URL or import an .ics file. ".ics" is the file format used by iCal (short for iCalendar).
When you subscribe to a calendar via a URL, you will always get the updates performed by the calendar owner. An example of a calendar URL looks like this: 
If you choose to import the calendar via an .ics file, then you will only get a static calendar (i.e., you won’t see updates performed by the calendar owner). 
Please Note: Calendars created in Live.com will be synchronized automatically with Windows Live Mail when you relaunch Windows Live Mail again (or simply press F5).


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