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In this article we will learn how to make your Windows 7 Genuine without using any crack or third party tools. Please remember we on bench3 do not motivate you to use non genuine windows. This is not a patch or crack stuff. We are just using the build in VBS code that Microsoft have developed for some other reason.

Warning! This article has been given only for informational and educational purpose. We do not encourage pirated or illegal software. If you’re using an illegal copy of the software, please purchase an original copy. bench3 is not responsible for your work or use.

The first time you power up Windows 7, you may feel a sense — it looks very similar to Windows Vista. However, behind the familiar UI lies a more powerful and versatile operating system. The activation part is not the same as you know in case of Windows Vista. What ever it is, if you want to know the new features of Windows 7, Here are some of the most prominent new features in Windows 7. Read more:

If you have purchased Windows 7 from Microsoft Store or from other vendor, we would recommend you to read the official document related to activating Microsoft Windows 7 in the following location. 

Here is an simple way u can make your windows 7 genuine. No need to use and third party patches or cracks. Just a simple way.

If you have exceeded the maximum allowed rearm, please read the last section of this post on how to modify the registry to rearm again.

Before  you continue , please make sure you have administration rights on the Windows 7 machine which you want to make genuine.

1. Click Start and type cmd in start menu search box (Refer Screen Shot).

2. right click the cmd.exe and choose run as administrator (refer Screen Shot).

3. Choose yes if it asks.

4. Now Now in the command prompt window, type slmgr -rearm and press enter (Refer Screen Shot).

5. Restart your system. Try to restart your system twice.

6. You are done.

What you have to realize is that if you apply this fix while you can still see your desktop background, it will rearm the system for another 30 days, up to a maximum of 3 times.

If you apply the fix after you lose your background (ie your desktop wallpaper background goes black, and you get the notification at the bottom right of the screen), you need to first uninstall the kb971033 update, then apply the fix. It will then be a PERMANENT fix. If you're running a Remove WAT program, WAT needs to be restored first. Never mind WAT, if you have no idea about that.

If you have exceeded the maximum allowed rearm, you will get an error message just like this,

" Error: 0xC004D307 The maximum allowed number of re-arms has been exceeded. You must re-install the OS before trying to re-arm again "

Well, here is a fix for that, Just do:

Locate the following in your Windows Registry,

  • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SoftwareProtectionPlatform]
  • "SkipRearm"=dword:00000000

After your 3rd reset this key will be 00000000 - simply change it to 00000001

Now you can rearm again. It is just easy as it seems, no kidding!

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I've tried it a few times.

It doesn't work ( now ), unfortunately...

Many thanks. It worked for me. I think it works for Windows 7 RTM. I am not sure about beta and RC versions.

thanx a lot worked fine for me

Many Many Thankss it is worked fine

Awesome !
It worked !!
Thank you very much, dude !

It still works. i dont know why it did not work for for some. It still works. No problem!

ohh yaa! i enjoy

no command slmgr in my windows?

you might have miss typed or something like that. Just try again. If still it not works for you. Just let us know what version of windows you are using?

Thank you so much for this help :-)
It really worked..!!!

It was so nice that it worked for you Neal James!

easy, simple, fast...excelent!
many thanx!

awesome! Thanks!

Thanks god...thanks to's working for I can see my wallpaper again

Thank u so much!!! It worked 4 me so nice

It worked for a week or so and then The notifications started annoying me again :(

you must have installed the Windows 7 update KB971033. In order to prevent these files from being installed again, make sure your Windows Update in Control Panel is set to Notify but do not automatically download. This way, you can make sure that you are not downloading the same files again.

Sweet Dude... or dudess. What a relief.

unfortunately it doesn't work

Thnaks.It worked.

Thanks... it works... :)

It works...and no (KBD...33 windows update) was installed recently. I've tried some paths, worked in the past, but now....failed.

does it work on 64bit system to ...

Yes It works on 64 bit!

shukran jazelan!

thank you

it works, thanks . but after restart , the winsows keep say that this copy is not original in a dialog box

hey it works for me. what an elegant solutions! thanks heaps!

It worked! Many thanks Haja Mohamed! What an easy solution :)

Nice to know it worked for most! and thanks for your time in writing a comment on bench3! always welcome!

Works flawlessly on 7 Ultimate after removing KB971033 update and AFTER installing SP1! Checked in Control Panel>System and it says windows is activated.
No need for any 3rd party software.
You are worth your weight in gold! Thank you so much.

Thanks Grant! you are welcome!

It worked like a charm! Thanks!

Nice to know it also worked for you. Thanks for your comment!

hi haj! thank you for knowledge... 1st dint work then i tried again for 2nd time and its perfect maybe i forgot to exit at cmd before i reboot. that's y don't work at my 1st attempt TYTYTYTY

It doesn't work for me. Comes up with "slmgr is not recognised as an internal or external command"

Thanks it worked for me.

I used various patches in vain but your solution saved my pc after using up to 25 litres of petrol in a small town in southern Sierra Leone.

it says slmgr is not recognisable as an internal or external command,operable progrma or batch file.
what should i do??

Make sure you are running the command prompt using elevated Administrator rights. If not, possibilities are there for the error message "slmgr is not recognisable as an internal or external command".

yea its working. . . but the startup dialog box still appears.

start up dialog box wont appear the next time you restart. It do come the first time you restart after applying this fix. Its normal.

Even when running CMD as an admin, "slmgr is not recognisable as an internal or external command" message still appears. Help?

make sure you type this..
slmgr.vbs -rearm
Please note the exact syntax. there is a space between .vbs and -rearm

awsome thanx a lot :-)

thank you for posting this... it helped me fix the problem with my pc...i owe you a lot... God bless you!..:)

win7 build 7601

"slmgr.vbs -rearm" and "slmgr -rearm" return the same error as above :(

Wow thanks a lot. You are a genius

thanks...this is very helpful..

its not working for me. even if I put the exact syntax, slmgr.vbs -rearm

it still says it is not recognised. help? thanks for posting this!

Win7 Ultimate, Build 7800 worked on the very first reboot. Hope the effect is permanent!
Thanks very much.

Many Many thanks to you.. the code is worked in my laptop .....

It was nice that it worked for you. Thanks for posting in bench3

Hey, Thnks dude :)

You are welcome, Demonsclash. Thanks for your comments!

I have tried on this on Windows 7 SP1 Installed, but there is no such file named slmgr in system32...

Wondering, if MS has changed in SP1?

slmgr.vbs even works on Windows 7 Sp1, just now tested. I wonder what you are typying. Or may be some files corrupted. Just re check...
slmgr.vbs -rearm

all small letters
there is one space between vbs and -
double check the syntax, you need to type as it is.

Guy this aint working for me. I use windows 7 premium sp1 i think bot the result comes back as error. no such path

It kind of works for me,but it still says in contrl panel that i have 30 days for activation...

If the 30 day trail again appears on the screen after applying this fix, i would recommend to restart one more time.

If youve used remove wat it renames it to slmgr.vbs.removewat, u might wanna try restoring wat then trying this way

Thanks for your comment on bench3!

it says 3 days until windows automatic activation again =(

you can try the same fix again, it should work. hopefully,

I'll try this product. Hope it will works..thanks

Why it doesn't works in 64 bit? Please help!

This trick will also work for 64 Bit Windows 7.

recent (non kb..1033) updates renamed slmgr.vbs making this command inaccessible from cmd prompt.
running slmgr /dlv also reactivates windows but this message comes back from time to time. hope /realm switch fixes it permanently

Thanks a lot....
It indeed was helping !!

WIndows 7 ultimate 32bit SP1 fully updated, worked for me straight away.

Cheers mate ;)

Thanks a ton !!! It worked perfectly fine for me :) Thank you very much friend

Thanks! It worked for me. Awesome ;-)

does this have to be done every 3 days?

No. Todd... Not every 3 days... are you doing so?

When I type the exact command, it says "'slmgr' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file"... In simple words a wrong command.. :p
what can i do??

Thanks,it is working...

I guess it worked for you! thank you for your comment on bench3!

Hey, Thanks a lot... It worked fine for me and It is so easy... Great Job done :)

thank a lot dear. its working 100%..luv u yaar

Just a question, the command works fine but the watermark keeps coming back. Not every time i start windows - it could be normal for an hour or two then suddenly get the watermark back.

Any ideas?

after restoring WAT, it works just fine, ta

Thank you for your comment. And it is nice that you solved it yourself! Good work!

Thanks Dude,
It worked on My Laptop, but in control panel windows activation it showing "30 days to activate, Activate Windows now."

Is there any idea to permanently remove this...

Pls help yar.

it will be fine once u restart!

I still cant believe this!!!! It worked perfectly for me in an instant, painless and effortless.. Am using Windows 7 Ultimate on a 64bit HP..

Thanks a million Haja! You are the man! :)

thanks bro , it really helped me , even i googed it & read many articals but only ur site gave me the real information

Dude its not working for me....

'slmgr' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

PLease help me.... how to make it work

thank you alot
it works for my 7 64bit

thanks so much for your generosity

Thanks a lot it really works ........ :)

it really works...once u restar it still persist...2nd time u restart...job is done...thnks a lot......

It did not work for me copied and pasted right into cmd line. :-(

Didn't work...Got this error message: 'slmgr' is not recognized as internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Thank you so much. I am glad I found you. You are the man.

Thanks a lot, it worked on my my pc will not irritate me...thanks


it didn't work for me and even worse, I cant start my laptop. when I try to start, it goes blank (black). Help me! I follow the same step but it get worst.

This worked perfectly! thanks for the post

Thank u dear

thanks's working..

it isn't working for me. i m using w7 ultimate 32 bit .plz plz help me.

Thnx.. It worked :)

this is likhon
its realy good
its works 4 me

it works! but you have to re-activate your product key using activator

It worked perfectly after i restarted 2 times. Thank you!

Perfect job man!!
No need for cracks, usually full of sh%^^ties virus!


It Worked Before ..
But Now It Says :

" Error: 0xC004D307 The maximum allowed number of re-arms has been exceeded.
You must re-install the OS before trying to re-arm again "

What's That and Pleeeeeeeeease How 2 Fix It 4 Free ??

It Worked B4 But Now it came Back and It doesn't wanna work T_____________T

It means that you have exceeded the maximum allowed number of re-arms.

It worked fine.
Thanks a million.


awsome man!! works great...thanks a ton...

thank you bench3.. it works.. i've got the solution for my problem.. I can't afford a genuine window7 ultimate. because my pc is for windows 7 stater. a netbook.

thank you so much!!! awesome!

Thank you Haja!

Big thanks worked for me , made what I thought was a genuine Lenovo update to windows 7 work again without the nagging for more money

Bravooooooo,das ist super funktioniert perfekt danke,danke

Worked for me. I'm on Windows 7 Professional (with no key)

you r totally a king!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks :)

try works on my PC..

worked for me thanks

Wow! I'm very impressed with the author of this article. Does this method work for all the versions of Windows? Please reply soon.

May Allah guide you in the right path.

It worked! Man you're the best!

It worked. Is it a permanent fix???? What are disadvantages of this slmgr -rearm command???

thank you so much... feeling to give you a kiss LOL..
i was stuck with these new watermarks for months and old remover patch couldnt remove it... your method removed it successfully...

Thanx man, finally a simple guide, and it's working like a charm :)

This is not a permanent fix, and you have to re-arm it once a month.

You will get this message eventually:

Error:0xC004D307 The maximum allowed number of re-arms has been exceeded. You must re-install the OS before trying to re-arm again

Guys, this IS a permanent fix. What you have to realise is that if you apply this fix while you can still see your desktop background, it will rearm the system for another 30 days, up to a maximum of 3 times. If you apply the fix after you lose your background (ie your desktop wallpaper background goes black, and you get the notification at the bottom right of the screen), you need to first uninstall the kb971033 update, then apply the fix. It will then be a PERMANENT fix. I've had it on a HP laptop running 7 Ultimate for the past 6 months and have not had to rearm again. If you're running a Remove WAT programme, WAT needs to be restored first.
Good luck.

i imagine this does work, however when i run the command, a script window opens in notepad, displaying the actual script; i am not prompted to reboot the system. any ideas?

Have you uninstalled the kb971033 update? This needs to be done first, before working through the rest of the fix.

Thanks a lot...i was searching for the solution from many days...


awesome work!!

PS: for the ones who it does not work for try retyping it correctly and restarting when done. If you still see the watermark on the bottom right of the screen give it a few mins or restart your computer. It should be gone then

coooooool... many thanks..

thanks a bunch :)

Don't forget to hide the kb971033 update when it appears in the update list. To do this right click it, and select HIDE UPDATE. DO NOT INSTALL it, as you will be back to square one.

It worked for me!! Thanks!!

For those that after few rearms get the message:
" Error: 0xC004D307 The maximum allowed number of re-arms has been exceeded.
You must re-install the OS before trying to re-arm again "

Just do:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SoftwareProtectionPlatform]

After your 3rd reset this key will be 00000000 - simply change it as above to 00000001 -- now you can rearm again.

It is just easy as it seems, no kidding!

Worked for me had to uninstall update kb971033 first.



Didn't work for me because I uninstalled kb971033 and still says not genuine. Should I update the 14 updates and try again?

Christa, it all depends on what updates are available, and when you installed them. Have you installed SP1 after uninstalling kb971033? This is important, as if you have, the kb971033 update is hidden inside the SP1 update, then you can't access it.
I would suggest uninstalling both updates. Then install kb971033, THEN install SP1. Next UNINSTALL kb971033. after that, do the following in this order.
1. Go to windows update, >check for updates.
Locate kb971033, right click it and select HIDE UPDATE.
Select Change Settings and from the drop down list under Important Updates, select "Download but let me choose whether to install".
Save changes and exit Windows Updates.
2. Click Start button, type cmd into search box.
3. Right click cmd in search box and select Run as Administrator
4. In command prompt type the following EXACTLY: slmgr -rearm. (Leave a space after the 1st r and the dash).
5. Hit Enter.
6. In the Windows Host Script window that opens, select OK.
7. Exit Command Prompt. (Type exit,in the prompt, then hit enter, or hit the x in the top right corner).
8. Re-boot, then re-boot again.
You should be done, and Windows should now be activated.
Good luck!

slmgr is not recognized, using win 7 ultimate 64bit

Hey guys, after doing all the steps, it worked...then all of a sudden.i got the water mark again? whats going wrong?


If slmgr is not recognised, try typing slmgr.vbs -rearm.
It depends on the Build you have. (Build 7600, 7601 etc).
Remember to leave a space before the s of vbs and the -

this is really working nicely:)
actually i know this but i also forgot but this web site remind me this thing.
Thank you :)

Worked like a charm...AND fixed other various problems I was having.


whats causing the reg entry to count down i wonder? worked for me! thanks!

another happy person saying thanks :) BUT

i dont know why but im it has reapeared 2 times since my first rearm command.. and i dont know why. even followed the restore wat first step the first time. .hmmm..

Geeeee! Thanks :*

its not recognizing the slmgr-rearm. what do i do now because the message is still here.

Hi Haja,
I have office 2010 and it giver error as you have three days left for trial period.

Can you please help me to activate office 201 as well

Windows activation was successful

Many Thanks

Worked on W7 SP1.

Thank you for the sharing your knowledge Haja.

It worked for my pc! Thanks a lot!

Graet it worked for me Thanks

thanks a lot! this was the easiest solution..awesome!

your a KING men.. thanks a lot.. please add me.. so we can chat sometimes.. please

tnx so much!!

Hey thanks a lot! Well I just did that and it worked but when I restarded the computer it said the same thing that windows isn't original or something. Well I just want to ask was this for the thing which shows up on my desktop or generally to remove the "program" itself. I'd like an answer from you please.

Many thanks, it worked first time.

Thanks the command prompt worked but for the
error does not work tried several times but all in \

Slmgr.vbs -rearm did the trick. Thanks, man, you're a pro!

thank q very much it worked for me it really simple thnks alottttttttttt

how can i fix it?

can anybody tel me clearly,after unstalling kb97.what do i need to fix and how and where is the fix,im soory im not much xpert in pc,please mail me in my


I am trying to change the value of SkipRearm to 00000001 , but after restart it again changes to 00000000. so, please solve the problem

Thank you!!!!!!!!

Many thanks, bro to say the least. Ur work got me out of hot waters neat and clean. Saved me a lot of sleepless hours :)

thanks a lot :)

Thanks a bunch, works perfectly......

Awesome Thank you ...

I tried . They say it is successful and then when I restart my system it does not work any more. I get the windows is not genuine message again. (i have exceeded my limit and tried going to registry to fix this)

I've used this method 3 times, and then it told me that I exceeded the rearm stuff. The problem is, I did that 000001 fix in Regedit but when I restart my system it's still the same, somebody help please?

thank you a billion times it really works for me

Hi Friend,

Thanks a lot, its working, and now my windows 7 7601 is genuin,

may god wish you every moment for goods life

Thanks for all your comments on bench3!

I really need help. I was able to do this for the first three times. WHen I went in to restart the counter it didn't work. I get the watermark and all. So I tried it again, now it won't start at all, it just stays on the watermake never going into the desktop. Every once in awhile it will go to the dest top but nothing will work, double clicking on things just cause them to do nothing or the whole thing will lock up. Please I really need help. I have 64-bit toshia a505 with win7 that it came with. Feel free to email me j h e r t e l 2 4 2 @ y a h o o . com

what exactly does "losing desktop wallpaper" mean to you? you lost me hear, can you please clarify am willing to try this

Thakns Man . i exceeded the max. no. of attempts to rearm . ur info fixed it . Cheers :)

hello everyone..
I entered the registry editor..then i entered skiprearm..i changed the binary code to become 0000 0001 instead of 0000 0000
i pressed ok...but then when i entered the cmd page , i wrote slmgr -rearm i have received a new error saying
run slui.exe 0x2A0x800730D

any ideas?? Thanks alot anywayy

hi everyone?
Could you please explain me what does skiprearm"=dword:00000000"
sentence mean ?
And how could i apply it when i go to skip rearm file ??
Thanks alot

It worked for few times, then this time around, I got the message saying I exceeded the maximum number. So I went to REGEDIT and did exactly what it says, then repeated the process. After it says it completed successfully and I rebooted twice, I'm still getting the not genuine message. Any help?

I had the same problems - this solution worked, then stopped, and the registry hack didn't work.

If you have Windows 7 Build 7601, you may want to check this out:

I was skeptical at first, but the download did not trigger my Avast anti-virus (and it is very sensitive). I ran the fix as instructed, rebooted, and TADA!!! FIXED!!!

Stupid Microsoft - sadly, by trying to catch the handful of people who get pirated versions, they are forcing others to take these measures. Ironic.

with a single cmd problem solved
thank u.

Ya it's one of the shortest way to crack, thanks dude.....

Thanks a lot..It worked for me too..
But i have a small doubt.
Actually the thing is, initially my desktop wallpaper was lost. And after that i followed the above given steps. So is it a permanent fix?
And one more thing is after rebooting my laptop, i did not get my wallpaper back, but the error message on the right bottom of the screen was gone. So, it means the problem is completely solved or not??

It's not working unfortunately i tried it many times

the windows registry method is no longer working. is there any other way to remove watermark permanently or get get more rearms. anybody?

where do i find the windows registry?

good job worked perfectly

Even after SkipRearm = 1 ,it does not allow for rearm.

thank you for the information,, but I didn't understand with this "After your 3rd reset this key will be 00000000 - simply change it to 00000001"
somebody can help me??

the slmgr -rearm work but the watermark still there

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thank you guys,worked for me.

Same problem that Anonymous posted on 23rd September 2014. I uninstalled the updates, the slmgr-rearm prompt had expired because I used all of my chances so I went into the regedit and re-set it. I then was able to use the slmgr-rearm and it SAID it was successful and to restart but when I re-started it was still there! Any suggestions on what to try next?

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