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Restricting or Using Parential Control Settings In Internet Explorer 8 | Privacy Settings In IE8

The internet is a HUGE problem for the society because it's something they " can't control " or stop ! They are all about " information control " and holding power over their members> The society does not want the bad things. But they are powerless to stop the " information age ". The internet is the society's worst nightmare!
Fact: Over the past dozen years, the lure of regulating the Internet has proven irresistible to legislators. For example, in the 109th Congress, almost 1,100 introduced bills referenced the word Internet, and hundreds of Internet laws have been passed by Congress and the states.
Well, it is not really possible to avoid what is happening in the internet. But we can try to restrict something to ourself. Like restricting Internet or blocking Unwanted websites to be viewed by kids. And even maintaing privacy for yourself when you visit world wide web.

Privacy should be the main concern of every internet user as maintaining privacy while connected with internet, protects you from unpleasant incidents such as password hack, identity theft, personal information hacking etc. The level of vulnerabilities increase if you are browsing the web using the least protected and weaker browser. Your colleagues may access your computer and steal your personal informations or Your family members may access your computer and share view or know something that you might not be wanting to share with anyone.

The best solution to protect yourself or your kids from the internet is to password protect Internet Explorer, so that it stays restricted to others. I will put the example and screenshots of IE8, the latest and most commonly used browser from Internet Explorer family.
Remember: There is no point in password protecting the internet explorer and keep visiting all the websites by allowing them access.
Activate Password Protection in Internet Explorer:
  1. Run Internet Explorer browser and navigate to Menu | Tools | Internet Options | Content Note: If you cant find the menu, Click Alt Once and then you will get the menu.
  2. Under Content Advisor, click Enable
  3. To maintain enhanced privacy, adjust the ratings slider to None
  4. Click  General tab | Check “Supervisor can type a password to allow users to view restricted content” option
  5. Click Create Password and set a password and password hint

Now IE8 will ask for password whenever someone tries to access the internet

Job done!


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