Thursday, March 4, 2010


Windows 7 Not Booting Up After Power Failure | Repair Windows 7 After An Abnormal Shutdown

If you ever come across a situation that, Windows 7 failed to Boot After Power Failure. How to repair in such situation. Repair Windows 7 After An Abnormal Shutdown. 

This problem can occur due to any of the problems stated below:

1. Windows Closed Down As No More Battery In Laptop

2. Abnormal Shutdown

3. System Switched Off Due To Power Failure

Possible Error Message by the time when you try to re start your Windows 7 Machine can be: Windows Not Found. 
  • Ensure the first bootable device is set as CD/DVD Rom drive
  • Insert the Windows 7 DVD and do a repair
  • Boot to the System recovery options and select the repair startup option.
  • Startup Repair will scan your computer to attempt to find and fix any startup problems.
Note: Again i am letting you this. Please ensure the first bootable device is set as cd/dvd rom drive


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