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Changing The Default Or General Development Settings In Visual Studio 2010

When you install Visual Studio, it asks you what kind of development settings you want to use. The most obvious choice for a Visual Basic developer is Visual Basic Development Settings. This choice customizes Visual Studio to work more easily with Visual Basic, and is a good selection if you will focus on Visual Basic development.

Another reasonable choice is General Development Settings. This option makes Visual Studio behave more like Visual Studio 2003. It ’ s a good choice if you ’ re used to Visual Studio 2003, or if you expect to use other Visual Studio languages, such as C#, somewhat regularly because these settings are fairly effective for C# development as well as Visual Basic development.

Switch Visual Studio 2010 General Development Settings [Configuration]:
If you later decide that you want to switch configurations, 
  1. Open the Tools menu 
  2. Select Import and Export Settings to display the Import and Export Settings Wizard. 
  3. Select the “ Reset all settings” option button and click Next. 
  4. On the second page, tell the wizard whether to save your current settings and click Next. 
  5. On the wizard ’ s final page, select the type of configuration you want and click Finish. 
  6. When the wizard is done, click Close.


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