Thursday, August 26, 2010


Cannot Open Outlook After Installing An MS Update For Outlook 2007 [Solved]

Try these following actions when you cant open Outlook After Installing an update from Microsoft.

  1. Click on START - RUN (For Windows XP) or if you are using windows vista or windows 7 you can run command prompt by typing "CMD" In Start menu search and right click on command prompt and select run As Administrator.
  2. then type the following "Outlook.exe /resetnavpane"

NOTE: Pay close attention to syntax and spacing of command string

If the above method does not work try these.
  • Reinstalled Outlook 2007
  • Scan Your Full computer for Virus And Spyware.
  • Use ScanPST.exe to address any potential problems stemming from .pst files
  • Store primary .PST as .bak to see if Outlook 2007 would start and create new .PST folder.


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