Monday, August 9, 2010


Deleting Files Does Not Free Up Hard Disk Space | Fix

Have you ever experienced that whenever deleting something, such as a game, it gets deleted from Windows however it does not free up any of the hard drive space that the program previously took up. 
For example, I just deleted a game that took 4 gb on my hard drive. Before I had, 18 GBs were free, and now I still only have 18GB. Nothing was freed up from the deletion.
I'd say it's a problem with free space, but I've never heard of it showing that the files are still taking up space when deleted from the file tree.

So, perhaps more likely, Windows Recovery/System Restore is saving the files in case you want to recover them in the future. Like free space, System Restore points are automatically erased whenever you run out of space. Unlike free space, it is actually taking up the 4gb.

So I'd recommend disabling System Restore (if you don't want it enabled) to free up space (since you have so little in your partition). 

Any other solutions for this problem? Please write a comment on this post.


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