Saturday, August 28, 2010


Eye Contact Is More Important In Personal Interview

Looking straight into somebody’s eyes when we are talking tells the person that we are interested, attending to what is being said and have nothing to hide. When we feel shy, it is sometimes awkward to keep this direct gaze on the interviewer.
If you find this difficult, at least try to look at the interviewer when he or she is asking you a question, even if you look elsewhere during your response. If you are being interviewed by more than one person, do not always try to include everyone in the panel in your glance. Instead, when one interviewer asks you an individual question, treat that person as though he or she is the only one interviewing you. 
Learning what is expected when it comes to eye contact during a job interview can do wonders for your prospects of landing that position. 
You should ensure that your behaviour cannot be perceived as flirtatious. This is not part of any job description and if your behaviour seems inappropriate, it could work against you and you may not be taken seriously as a candidate.
Research has shown that 55 per cent of this first impression is based on appearance and behaviour, which can include clothing, posture, body language and facial expressions including eye contact. Thirty-eight per cent of the impression is from the way we speak, which includes the way the voice is used, clarity of speech and accent. Only seven per cent is from the words we say.
What ever, avoid looking down to your own hands or out the window. These are the two most common mistakes made and the ones that will quickly label you as too shy or insecure.


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