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Make An Invisible Administrator Account In Windows

Before you continue reading, make sure you have an administrator user account (Not a limited account) in the system where you want to create a invisible account.  
Warning: before you try to modify windows registry, learn how to backup windows registry. Also try to have a backup of your registry at this stage before you proceed. Read More On How To Backup Windows Registry.
  1. Make another admin account using Control Panel (I hope you know how to do that)
  2. Go to run and type in Regedit (Click OK) You should see something like the below screen shot:
  3. The registry editor is now open, use the + to open the next tab and click UserList at the end to open it: Now follow this path:
MyComputer/ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/ SOFTWARE/ Microsoft/ WindowsNT/ CurrentVersion/ Winlogin/ SpecialAccounts/ UserList/

And when you reach there, go to any space below name and the other columns (Not in the list where you found UserList) and right click.

When you right click New will show up, hover over New then DWORD Value. Click DWORD VALUE and for the name type in the EXACT username of the administrator account you made earlier. Save and exit out of registry editor. You may need to restart for this to work.

Logging on to Your New Account:.

At the login screen:
You will NOT (because its invisible) see your account so:

Tap (two times) ctr+alt+del (without the "+")
A screen similar to this should show up:

The login screen should disappear and be replaced with a small box. For the username enter whatever you used for your DWORD value (account username). Then (if you added one at the control panel) type in a password, if not then leave it blank. Hit ok or login and there you go! From there you can add a password to your account using CMD or control panel.

Note: This account is invisible in the fact that it is not seen in the logon page OR in the control panel of any other accounts.


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