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Optimize Your Computer Using Task Manager.

Is your computer running slow? does your system responding to your actions much slower?  A simple fix is to open up task manager
  • In Windows XP: Ctrl + Alt + Del
  • In Windows Vista and Windows 7: Ctrl + Alt + Del then select task manager
And in all three OS's You can right-click the task bar and choose "Task Manager"
Once the task manager is open navigate to "Applications" the programs you are using are located here, these are user-programs, these are all located in the task bar as well, close any thing you arnt using, by clicking "End Task."

After closing unnecessary programs navigate to the "Processes" tab. Click the "memory" column button until it displays programs in descending order of memory usage.

The top one will always be a browser, game, or editor. That's just the nature of the beast.

How ever messengers take up lots of memory too, even if you arnt signed in, the try i con can kill you, for instance, my AIM is using 11,000K of memory, or 11 megabytes, and im not even signed in, so let's kill that one. You can end processes by clicking "End Process"

Once locating the programs and ending the ones that are causing lots of trouble and making your speeds slow, you will notice that your machine speeds up, the next logical step is to go through you start up registry and deleting them. 

While this works, it's only a temporary fix. The processes will all run again next time you boot up your computer. So it's good only if you need a quick boost in speed.
A better idea would be to remove unnecessary items from your Startup menu.

Start -> Run -> msconfig -> Startup
Things like iTunes Helper, iPod Helper, Google Update etc. are completely useless, yet are using your memory at all times. 

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