Monday, August 30, 2010


Redirecting Libraries To Roaming Profile Location

How to change the default location of Libraries through group policy or through a logon script to point to the roaming profile location (e.g. Make the Documents Library redirect to '\\SERVERNAME\profiles\COMPANY\08\%username%\Documents' instead of 'C:\Users\%username%\Documents') and make the link in the Start Menu below the user's display picture redirect to '\\SERVERNAME\profiles\COMPANY\08\%username%'?

Really there is no magic here, you just apply a document redirection policy. Once that policy is applied their documents would be redirected to \\SERVER\profiles\COMPANY\08\%username%\Documents

There is no changes in windows vista and windows 7 environment for this. Windows 7 works the same as vista.
Folder Redirection is one of the undiscovered gems amongst the myriad of Microsoft Group Policies. First, configure the file locations of saved files and secondly, master folder redirection, the result will be greater efficiency for both you and your users. Read more:

Applies To Windows 7 And Windows Vista


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