Thursday, August 12, 2010


Show Or Remove Quick Launch Tools In Windows Task Bar

Microsoft Windows (XP / VISTA) displays the Quick Launch bar by default, so it might already be part of your taskbar. Look for the Quick Launch bar directly to the right of your Start button. Is your Quick Launch Bar missing ? Or you wanna remove it  in your Task Bar near your Start button ? It's simple and easy .
Quick Launch bar
The Quick Launch bar is a list of shortcuts to your favorite programs.You can use the Quick Launch bar to open programs with a single click, without having to go through the Start menu.
Assume that you have disabled your Quick Launch bar, and you want to enable it. You can display it by right-clicking your taskbar, clicking Toolbars, and then clicking Quick Launch.

Adding New Shortcuts To Quick Launch Bar:
Find the folder that contains the specific application you want to add. In your case it's Microsoft Office Outlook. You will find the application file by right-clicking on the  shortcut  then choosing "Properties" and clicking on the "Find Target..." link:

Make sure you pick the application, not one of the helper files or data files or dynamic link libraries, etc., or you'll have the wrong thing in your Quick Link toolbar! Now all that's left is to drag the icon from the application directly into the Quick Launch area of the Taskbar. That should just add the shortcut and you'll forevermore be good to go:

With the Quick Launch bar displayed on your taskbar, your favorite programs are just a click away.


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