Monday, August 9, 2010


Spam E-Mail From Your Own E-Mail Address

Recently I have noticed that spam emails with my email address are being delivered to myself in my in-box. How I can stop this from happening.  Also, I don't use that email address outside of work.

The e-mail isn't actually coming from your account. E-mail standards support, for whatever reason, displaying fake e-mail addresses as the sender. Modern e-mail clients (e.g. Gmail) will display the e-mail address listed as the sender, but will append a message saying that the e-mail likely didn't come from who it said it did.

Spam sites are common in doing this, instead of displaying a legitimate e-mail address (because it's not coming from a legitimate e-mail address or server).

All in all, it's nothing to worry about. No spam is leaving your account, and e-mail clients are capable of distinguishing the actual server. You'll find no legal troubles or any such thing. The e-mail itself says "From:" but also contains the unalterable IP address of the sender. 

If the IP address doesn't match's server IP address, then it provably didn't come from whom it said it did. Thus how clients such as Gmail determine whether or not the sender is legit, and thus will prevent anyone from blaming you for sending the e-mail.


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