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Activating The iPhone

There are two prerequisites for enjoying the iPhone. First, you have to become or already be an AT&T (U.S.), T-Mobile (Germany), O2 (U.K.), or Orange (France) customer.

Second, make sure you download the latest version of iTunes software onto your PC or Mac. Apple doesn’t supply the software in the box, so head to if you need to fetch a copy or launch your current version of iTunes, and choose Check for Updates. You’ll find it under the Help menu on a Windows machine and the iTunes menu on a Mac.

For the uninitiated, iTunes is the nifty Apple jukebox software that iPod owners and many other people use to manage music, videos, and more.
iTunes is at the core of the iPhone as well, because an iPod is built into the iPhone. You’ll employ iTunes to synchronize a bunch of stuff on your computer and iPhone: contacts, calendars, e-mail accounts, bookmarks, photos, videos, and of course music. And from the get-go, you’ll use iTunes to activate the phone.
Here’s how to proceed with setup:
  • 1. Locate an available USB port on your PC or Mac to connect the dock. Slide the iPhone into its dock. Hold your excitement as the first Welcome to Your New iPhone greeting is displayed inside iTunes, as shown in Figure below.
Figure:Welcome to the iPhone, you lucky dog.
  • 2. Click Continue to get on with the show.
  • 3. Select whether or not you are already an AT&T (or Cingular) wireless customer, and then click Continue. The screen displayed in Figure below appears.
Figure: Requesting or renewing your AT&T credentials.
  • 4. Based on the decision in Step 3, select among the following options. Then click Continue.
If you’re in the AT&T stable, you can either add a new line to an existing account or replace your current phone with the iPhone. If you’re an AT&T newbie, you can activate either a single iPhone or — you’d be the envy of your neighborhood — two or more iPhones under a family plan.
  • 5. (Optional) You have the option of transferring an existing cell phone number from another wireless provider to the iPhone, a process that Apple says may take up to six hours. If you want to do so, select the Transfer Existing Mobile Number box and fill in your existing phone number, account number, zip code, and account password (if applicable). There are plenty of good reasons for keeping your old number, not least of which is to brag to friends that they’re calling you on an iPhone. Although you’ll be able to make outgoing calls at this juncture, you won’t be able to receive any until the transfer is complete. Then proceed with Step 7.
  • 6. Click Continue.
  • 7. Choose your monthly wireless plans from AT&T, and then click Continue.
Figure: Choosing your minutes.
Figure above shows the most common options for voice minutes and text messages as of this writing. Click the arrow next to More Minutes to check out higher-priced plans. Click Less Minutes to return to the lowerpriced options.
Pay heed to the fine print. You better learn to love AT&T because, for better or worse, they’re going to be your wireless carrier for at least the next two years. The iPhone is not compatible with Verizon Wireless, Sprint, or any other US carrier.
  • 8. If you have an Apple ID, type your Apple ID and password. Then click Continue.
  • 9. Enter your date of birth and select the appropriate boxes if you want to receive e-mail on new releases and additions to the iTunes Store or special offers and information about other Apple products. Then click Continue.
  • 10. Well, you knew they would get around to it sooner or later. In the next screens, enter your billing address and acknowledge that you have read both Apple’s iPhone Terms and Conditions and AT&T’s Service Agreement (if you’re new to AT&T). Click Continue to move from screen to screen.
  • I don’t know anyone without a law degree who actually reads these things. But high up in the AT&T agreement you learn that you’re subject to a $175 early termination fee should you decide to bail out of your contract.
  • 11. You get one more shot to review your information. If your address and the iPhone plan are accurate, click Submit to authorize AT&T to perform a credit check and initiate service (again, if you’re new to AT&T).
  • Click Go Back to make changes. Processing the activation could take up to three minutes, assuming there are no snags.
  • If you don’t pass the credit check, all is not lost. AT&T was offering a prepaid plan for the iPhone (though the rates are not as attractive). The plan is not available to customers whose credit is A-OK.
  • 12. If all is peachy, your new mobile number, assuming you didn’t keep your old one, is displayed on the computer screen. Meanwhile, the iPhone will notify you when activation is complete and send an e-mail to the address you designated.
  • 13. Click Continue to begin syncing your iPhone with your contacts, calendars, e-mail accounts, bookmarks, music, photos, and pictures.


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