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Enable And Disable UAC Using MsConfig | Managing User Account Control Using MsConfig

In Vista, the easy way to Disable unwanted startup programs was through Windows Defender. Just go to the Tools menu and choose Software Explorer. Read more:

Msconfig.exe is a troubleshooting tool that can be useful for temporarily disabling UAC to determine whether UAC is causing an application compatibility problem. To make the change, msconfig.exe simply modifies the registry value. To disable UAC with Msconfig.exe, follow these steps:
Start Menu Search box is one of the most convenient ways to find things on your computer. The exact location of the items doesn't matter—the Search box will scour your programs and all of the folders... Read more:
  1. Click Start, type msconfig, and then press Enter. The System Configuration tool opens.
  2. Click the Tools tab.
  3. Click Disable UAC and then click Launch.
A command window appears, and shortly thereafter, a notification bubble appears informing you that UAC is disabled. Restart your computer to apply the change.
To re-enable UAC with Msconfig.exe, follow the preceding steps, clicking Enable UAC instead of Disable UAC.
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