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FIX Problems With Windows Aero | Troubleshooting Windows Aero

Whatever the cause of your Windows Aero failure, there is the easy way to fix all issues, bugs or problems related to Windows Aero, and then turn on and enable the Windows Aero feature in Windows 7. We discussed a way up in the Windows Aero Overview but thanks to a new troubleshooting task tool added in Windows 7 even easier.

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To troubleshoot Aero effects such as transparency in Windows 7, follow these steps:
  • Make sure that Windows Experience Index has been calculated and computed.
  • Click on Start menu.
  • Type the following text into the Start Search box: Aero
  • Click on the search result listing under Control Panel group named, “Find and fix problems with transparency and other visual effects”. 

  • Right click and choose Open. The result is displayed in the above screen shot.
Note: If you don’t see “Find and fix problems with transparency and other visual effects” in the search results, click on Control Panel option displayed in the results to see all Aero related.
  • 5. Next an “Aero – Troubleshooting Computer Problems” wizard will appear. Click on Next button. As shown in screen shot below.
  • After clicking Next you will see the screen just as shown below.
  • The troubleshooting wizard will attempt to detect any problems by running a series of checks as shown in the screen below. 
Warning: Items with a red cross indicates a problem which may prevent Aero from working properly, fix the issues and then rerun the “Find and fix problems with transparency and other visual effects”  troubleshooting wizard again.
Note: There are also other registry hacks available on the Internet to force Aero to work as long as your display card supports WDDI.  You can Bing or Google, “Aero Hacks” and you will find them. Also note though, that if you do something to screw up your PC by using these hacks, Microsoft will most likely not help you fix it.


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