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Get Familiur With iPad MultiTouch Screen

Using the Apple iPad is pretty intuitive — but to save time, have a look at these iPad buttons that you'll use frequently:
The Apple iPad neatly combines an audio and video iPod, an e-book reader, a powerful Internet communications device, a handheld gaming device, and a platform for apps. Most of the time, your iPad behaves itself, but every so often it doesn't. Read more:
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Master the iPad Multitouch Screen: To move around on your Apple iPad, use the multitouch screen. The iPad has no mouse and no physical keyboard or keypad buttons; the multitouch is a virtual version of buttons and controls that appear on-screen as required for the tasks at hand. Prep your fingers for the following:
  • Flick a finger on the iPad screen to scroll through music, pictures, e-mails, contacts, and more.
  • Tap against the iPad screen to open applications, play songs, choose photos, and so on.
  • Pinch and unpinch to enlarge Web pages and pictures, or to make them smaller. To pinch or unpinch using multitouch, place your thumb and index finger against the iPad screen. Then keeping the thumb in place, drag your index finger to pinch or unpinch accordingly.
  • Trust the iPad virtual keyboard. It makes suggestions and corrects mistakes on the fly.
  • Correct errors in a note or e-mail by holding your fingers against the iPad screen to bring up a magnifying glass that lets you position the pointer in the precise spot that needs to be edited.
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