Wednesday, September 22, 2010


How To Work With iPad Buttons

Using the Apple iPad is pretty intuitive — but to save time, have a look at these iPad buttons that you'll use frequently: 
The Apple iPad neatly combines an audio and video iPod, an e-book reader, a powerful Internet communications device, a handheld gaming device, and a platform for apps. Most of the time, your iPad behaves itself, but every so often it doesn't. Read more:
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  • The On/Off, Sleep/Wake button: This button is on the top of your iPad, and you use it to put your iPad's screen to sleep or wake it up.
  • Home button: No matter what you're doing, you can press the Home button at any time to display the Home screen on your iPad.
  • Application icons: Each icon shown on the touchscreen launches an iPad application. Thirteen apps come with your iPad, and you can add more by downloading them from the App Store.
  • Volume Up/Down control: The upper part of the button increases the volume; the lower part decreases it.
  • Screen rotation lock: When you don't want your iPad screen to rotate from portrait to landscape (or vice versa), flip this little switch downward, and your screen won't rotate again until you flip the iPad back up.


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