Sunday, September 19, 2010


Installing Microsoft DotNet Framework 3.5 In Windows Server 2008

Your installation will stop with an error message (as shown in figure below) when ever you try to install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 On WINDOWS SERVER 2008 (x32/ X64) Version And Edition

The Error message will be this “You must use the Role Management Tool to install or configure Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5”.
What to do when you get this type of error message. Well, it is clearl said in the message that, you need to use the Role Manager Tool. 
  • 1. Start the Server Manager (also called as Role Manager) by clicking the Server Manager icon in the systray, or the Server Manager shortcut in directly the Start menu or in the menu Administrative Tools
  • 2. Choose Features
  • 3. Click on the check box "Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5"

  • 4. Click On Install. And Restart Your Server If It asks.


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