Friday, September 3, 2010


Safely Remove Hardware In Windows

When using any external storage device, you must practice proper removal procedures to ensure that data is not corrupted or lost. The following provides you with a couple of methods for Safely Removing External Drive from your Windows 7, Vista or XP computer.
Option 1:
  1. Click on the Safely Remove Hardware icon located in the Windows System Tray
  2. A pop-up opens showing extenral devices connected to your computer. Click on the drive. A pop-up window will appear notifying you that is now Safe to remove the device from the system. At this point, you can safely disconnect the drive from your computer.
Option 2:
  1. Double-click on the Safely Remove Hardware icon located in the Windows System Tray. The Safely Remove Hardware window opens. Check Display device components (if not already done so) to get a comprehensive view of all connected, external devices.
  2. Select the hardware device you wish to remove and click Stop. The Stop a Hardware device window opens.
  3. Select and confirm which device to stop and click the Stop button.
Note: At times while Safely Removing an external drive, Windows may show a warning that the external drive is busy and cannot be disconnected. If this occurs:
  • Retry Safely Removing the device
  • Shut down your computer and then disconnect the external drive


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