Monday, September 20, 2010


StartUp Script To Remove IE Favourites On All Clients On A Domain

StartUp Script To Remove Internet Explorer Favourites On All Clients On A Domain: Have you ever seen Bilt In Internet Shortcuts In Microsoft Windows Operating System like what you see in the below screen shot? Well, Though it may not taku up any space in your disk, users may want it to be removed from their system. The reason can be plenty.... 
Anyhow, All those shortcuts can be deleted manually on each system. But is there any way to automate the removal of these shortcuts, perhaps via a group policy or a batch file/script, so that the users never see them? Well, it can be done. And if you want to perform a domain wide removal of Internet Explorer 6 Favourites shortcuts such as ' and 'Windows Marketplace', here is a simple batch file.

SCRIPT: Add this to your users login script it will check for the first shortcut and remove if it is there and check for the second shortcut and remove if it is there. Please change the names of the shortcuts in the script to the one you want to remove. 
batch file.
if not exist %USERPROFILE%\Favourites\shortcut1.url GOTO NODELETE1
del /s /q "%USERPROFILE%\Favourites\shortcut1.url"

if not exist %USERPROFILE%\Favourites\shortcut2.url GOTO NODELETE2
del /s /q "%USERPROFILE%\Favourites\shortcut2.url


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