Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Why You Must Avoid Chain Mails

Most of us receive chain mails from friends or from unknown persons. Chain mails are those non-business mails that travel from person to person across the globe. Many times chain mails contain jokes, puzzles and emotionally manipulative stories tempting you to forward the mail to your other friends. Some mails explicitly urge you to forward the mails to many others by exploiting superstition to threaten the recipient with bad luck if he or she "breaks the chain".

Here is a quick list of major types of chain emails which you may receive:
  • Jokes, Puzzles and Trivia
  • Images of God demanding furthercirculation
  • Email Warnings and Hoax Mails
  • Save someone who is sick
  • Stories on Terrorism, Politicsand Economic Slump/revival
  • Campaigns and Petitions for Politicalor Social cause
PLEASE do not respond to such mails, even for "unsubscribing" which they will mention at the end of the mail. The moment you respond to them by "unsubscribing", they capture your email address and they know that this is a genuine and live address. And that is how you get more spam and chain mails.

So, next time you get such a chain mail, delete it straight away. Chain mails generate unnecessary mail traffic adversely impacting urgent business mails.

Emails are a great utility. Providing a secure mail system involves significant investments. Hence, let us use the mail system for the best benefit.


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