Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Windows Keyboard Shortcuts For iTunes

Keyboard shortcuts help you get your PC to do what you want to do fast. The following table gives you the Windows keyboard shortcuts for making your way through iTunes at blazing speeds.
Windows Shortcut
Play selected song or video from beginning.
Play song or video after pausing.
Pause playing the song or video.
Play next song or video.
Play previous song or video.
Increase volume.
Ctrl - Up appow or Ctrl + Plus sign
Decrease volume.
Ctrl - Down arrow or Ctrl + Minus sign
Mute volume.
Ctrl - Alt - Down arrow or Ctrl - Alt - Up arrow
Eject CD.
Ctrl - E
Open Info window.
Ctrl - I
Show currently playing song or video.
Ctrl - L
Create a playlist.
Ctrl - N
Shrink to mini-player (Windows).
Ctrl - M
Minimize to Dock (Mac).
Not applicable
Display visuals full-screen.
Ctrl - F
Go to next page in iTunes Store.
Ctrl - ]
Go to previous page in iTunes Store.
Ctrl - [
Temporarily stop an iPod or iPhone from automatically synchronizing
Shift - Ctrl


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