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5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Kinect | Microsoft Kinect Review was issued a controversial report on Monday (11/08/1010) in connection with the launch of Microsoft Kinect in the United States. In the report mentioned that a number of gamers are not satisfied with the performance of Kinect. Because the motion sensor device that has some annoying rules.
Here Are The 5 Things One Must Consider Before Buying Microsoft Kinect:
1. Need More Space
Kinect mentioned in the manual, the device can work well at a minimum distance of 1.8 meters. This is of course very frustrating for some gamers who have limited space.

2. Good Lighting System:
To operate properly, Kinect also need a room with good lighting system. If not, then the sensor would be difficult to recognize the movement of players. Like the case of complaints that blacks could not use Kinect well.
Is Kinect a racist machine? Though racism requires some ill-intention, Gamespot UK has noted that many dark-skinned reviewers had facial recognition problems with Kinect, while their white reviewers had no problems at all. Read more...
3. Do not sit
Basically Kinect was not designed to be played while seated. So, does require a strong body condition to be able to enjoy Kinect linger.

4. Adjust the speaker layout
The layout of the speakers inside the TV is also considered going to affect the performance of Kinect. As in the top or bottom. So to avoid it, gamers should be able to adjust the layout of the speakers.

5. Appropriate clothing
In addition to need good lighting, sensors Kinect can also be disrupted when gamers wearing colored clothing that is similar to the screen back of the room.

In addition to these five things, the face detection feature which is Kinect owned also reportedly had difficulty recognizing gamer who is black.


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