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Adding Printers In XP Mode | Attaching Devices In XP Mode

I cannot add my local printer using the add printer in control panel In WIndows XP Mode Running In WIndows 7 Pro. I install a PDF printer and downloaded the software for my printer but connecting USB it doesnt recognise the new device.

When you are using Microsoft Virtual PC products and VMWare make sure you have the latest desktop integration components loaded into XP to ensure everything is communicating properly between the operating systems.

In a more simpler way, try setting up the printer in Win7 and then sharing it over the network and then from XP mode install it as a network printer.

Another tip would be, Disconnect the USB printer load XP mode in full desktop and then when you have it up go ahead and connect the printer so that they main target for that printer is XP mode and not 7.
You can use Vista drivers if you cannot find Windows 7 drivers to get the printer working in windows 7. Also, XP Mode isn't going to help anyone print in Windows 7 if there are no printer drivers available. In order to print from Windows 7, you need a Windows 7 printer driver. Installing the printer in XP Mode is fine, but it doesn't solve the issue of printing directly in Windows 7, no driver no print.
Instead connecting directly to the printer via USB in XPMode, you want to use network sharing. USB devices can't be "shared" in the true sense in Windows XP Mode, only one computer can "capture" the USB device when you are using Virtual PC or Windows XP Mode. In my experience, VMWARE can capture USB Device, you can try that if you love experimenting.

IF you got your printner working on Win7, use Windows printer sharing and share it out, check and change if necessary the network options on XPMode from Shared Networking to your host Win7's active network card, then browse for the shared printer on Win7. This will allow you to use the printer in both XP and Win7.


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