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Advantages And Limitations Of Norton Internet Security 2011

In the face of continuous onslaught by cybercrooks, nobody can afford to keep their guard down for a single moment. Keeping in mind the emerging threat scenarios and to protect the netizens from machinations of viruses and other malicious elements, Norton has launched an upgraded version of its Internet security suite, the Norton Internet Security 2011.

The NIS 2011 boasts of many new features as compared to its predecessor. For the starters, it tracks your browser in real-time, keeping track of the malicious elements and automatically warning the user about the potential threats on the website. Another excellent feature is the global customer base, where you can check which softwares, links and websites are being safely used by Norton users across the globe. However, the latest innovation in this version is the social media scanner, which has been developed keeping in mind the number of people increasingly getting affected through clicking dubious links on social networking websites.

Norton also seems to have taken notice the reputation of its antivirus system being very taxing of the system resources, slowing down the computer. The changes made to the entire system in 2010 version have been optimised even more in the latest version. The new edition is even more zippy and very light on resource usage. It also has an System Insight monitor, which tracks the system applications and warns the user about the apps which are slowing down the system performance. Norton Safe Web toolbar also comes bundled with the software which alerts the user about potentially malicious links to help you steer clear of the websites laden with worms and malware.

The Norton Internet Security 2011 comes across as the best in the class antivirus software which effectively keep tabs on the mischievous elements but at the same time keep running your system full steam. The NIS 2011 is available in the Indian market for Rs 1,534 for one year pack. The users also have the option to either download it directly from the Norton website or go for a retail pack from the market.

The Positives
There is a common theme when examining most recent review articles on Norton Internet Security 2011. A number of prominent reviewers have praised Norton's latest entry. PC Magazine, for example concluded that "[t]he 2011 edition of Norton Internet Security fine tunes its already excellent protection." Norton remains strong in a number of areas, first is its ease of use and relatively uncomplicated installation process. In short, very little is actually required of the user other than putting in the disc and entering the activation code. Additionally, while older versions of Norton where criticized for overly long installation timeframes, the newest version appears to have cut installation time down to less than a minute (although this may vary somewhat). Read more... at Suite101 

While there appears to be much to applaud Symantec for with its latest internet security suite, it is not without its weaknesses. For example, PC Magazine identified one of the most significant limitations as being the spam filter which "missed more spam than last year." Its review also criticized the network map because it "doesn't allow remote configuration."


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