Monday, November 29, 2010


Create Service Under LocalSystem Account In Windows 7

To create windows service one must provide an username and it's password. It will cause problem if you don't want to run it as windows user, because when you create windows user for service, people can login as the user which is not good.  if there any way u want to create a service without creating a new user account. 

There is one solution that we can run the service using Arbitrary User Account. You can create and assign the service using an arbitrary user account (this account can be disabled or removed later) and then later go into services.msc and modify the assigned account that will run the service

In services.msc you can specify in the Log On tab which account or 'use Local System account' for this newly created service, this ought to do the trick.

You can also create a new service from the command prompt in Windows. The command sc create is itself enough to create the service with local system account. To do so, just run the command prompt with administration privilege and type the following line and hit enter
sc create myservice binPath="C:\to\my bin\path\app.exe"
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