Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Exclude Domain Users In Offline Migration

While attempting to migrate a user profile using USMT 4 offline migration, you must specify the domain user account to include by sid when performing an offline USMT migration.

But, instead of specifying a user account to include, what if you need to specify user accounts to exclude. If you do that without much knowledge, Unfortunately it will migrating all the accounts even the local accounts that you have specified to exclude. 
Here is an example of such wrong scanstate command:
scanstate S:\offline /offlinewindir:C:\Windows /i:Config.xml /w:5 /c /v:1 /config:config.xml /ue:LocalAccount /ue:"SID of domain account to exclude" /uel:90 /efs:skip /l:S:\Offline\Logfiles\Offline.log
Is it possible to exclude user accounts in an offline scanstate migration? is it possible to exclude as required?

It is able to exclude the user accounts in an offline scanstate migration.
In your scanstate command, please note that The /uel option is not valid in offline migrations.



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