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High Definition Audio Device Not Plugged In Error Message In Windows | Fix

Speakers not plugged in Error Message In Windows:  I recently installed Windows 7 , but I haven't been able to get any audio to work. I have tried installing the latest chipset drivers (for on-board sound) and GPU drivers (if that may help). I have also tried installing Realtek AC97 and Realtek HD audio drivers, with no affect. When I go into audio devices it says "Speakers, High Definition Audio Device, Not Plugged In"

This Article Applies To Windows Vista And Windows 7.

In the Realtek HD audio software, See if you checked disable front panel detection, then audio will sprung to life. Read the explanation below.

Check the 'Disable front panel jack detection' option
  • Double-click on the Realtek HD Audio manager system tray icon (see screen shot below).
  • Click on small folder icon (see screen shot below).
  • Check that the 'Disable front panel jack detection' tick box is unticked.
  • Now insert the jack plug of either a microphone or headphones into the corresponding front panel socket of your computer.
  • If you now see the message 'Information: A jack has been plugged in', then you do not need to change this setting as your system has a HDA compatible front panel.
  •  If you do not see this message, then click on the small folder icon again and tick the 'Disable front panel jack detection' check box.


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