Wednesday, December 1, 2010


How To Create Crash Dump File In Windows XP

Creating A Crash Dump File In Windows XP For Understanding The Error:  In order to understand any problem in Windows, you would need to study the crash dump file.

Kindly perform the following: Please Note: If you have problem logging in normal mode, You might have to perform the configurations in Safe Mode.
  • 1) Start - > Run  - > drwtsn32.exe
  • 2) Please choose a suitable Crash Dump File location (Say C:\Dump).
  • 3) Select Crash Dump Type as 'Full'.
  • 4) Select 'Create Crash Dump File'.
  • 5) Click Ok.
Now, reboot the system and let the crash happen. A dump file would be created in the path mentioned in step 2.

Please collect the dump file and you can share that with microsoft technical support for solving any crash problems.


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