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How To Identify That Your Computer Registry Has Corrupted

Your computer registry stores information about not only your hardware and software but also any change made on your computer, (from changing your user profiles to adding and removing programs) and, it can easily become corrupted or defective.

Things Which Are More Likely To Lead To Registry Errors
Registry errors are hard to avoid as they usually result from completely normal and everyday computer use, but there are some common things which are more likely to lead to registry errors than others. For example:
Something as simple as adding and removing programs - in particular, installing trial versions of software from the internet, for example and then removing them.
  • Adding, changing or removing hardware on your computer.
  • Attempting any form of manual repair of the registry can also cause errors; if essential information is changed or removed it can cause fatal errors.
  • If a program crashes during use, it can send a 'bad' command back to the registry; the 'bad' command will then be stored in the registry and will probably cause the program to continue to malfunction until the registry itself is fixed.
  • Improper computer shut down can also cause 'bad' commands to be stored in the registry.
Some Of The More Common Errors You May Experience?
Generally, the first sign of a corrupted registry is a decrease in overall computer performance. Over time this will result in more severe errors, for example:
  • Slow start up and performance.
  • Programs freeze up and stop responding.
  • Error messages pop up from nowhere.
  • Blue screen errors. (the notorious BSOD 'Blue Screen of Death' )
  • Your computer freezes and crashes.
If you don't deal with these issues or problems, they will only get worse with time and they can lead to data loss and critical Windows files becoming damaged. So How can a Registry Be Cleaned? Read My Other Article On How How To Clean The Affected Windows Registry...


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