Thursday, November 11, 2010


iOs4.2 To Support Multitasking For iPhone And iPad

For iPad owners envious of the iPhone's multitasking abilities, you won't have to covet any longer.
iOS 4.2--software that will update, improve, and repair a variety of features and bugs for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The near final version of the software was  already released to developers, and Apple has already started accepting iOS 4.2-compatible apps.

Now, this isn't just another incremental update. iOS 4.2 is, at least from a development standpoint, an evolutionary step for the iOS platform, as it finally brings the iPhone and iPad in step with one another. Previously their OS releases were slightly out of sync, due to the iPhone software and hardware upgrades coming in summer and the iPad hardware and software getting introduced in April this year. With this upgrade the two will share the same software.

There are some significant updates iPad and iPhone users are each waiting for in this release, along with the expected minor improvements. Read More...  Whats Expected In iOs 4.2 | Whats New In Apple iOS 4.2

iOS 4.2 brings the stuff that came to the iPhone in iOS 4 to the iPad. Yes, that means multitasking (the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously), folders for organizing apps, and Game Center access... Read more:


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