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Nokia N8 Advantages And Dis-Advantages

I have extremely happy with it's features and overall performance, Plays fantastic movies  Even HD. loads of fun. It's a very powerfull phone. The processor speed is 680 mhz - is quite fast enough for the symbian os. Coupled with the great GPU, this baby is faster than u first thought. Im also very sure that hackers will find a way to overclock the processor in the future.
But there is one thing, the phone does crash sometimes. yes there is a restart problem. It happens when the phone tries to connect to the internet, and there is no internet, email client especially. It tries to connect, then 0.1 sec later says failed, then again tries to connect 0.1 sec afterward, and fails again, and so on, .. this takes about 2 secs, then the system mini restart. Restart takes around 10 seconds.
Doesn't even have a portrait keyboard like iphone - will come with the software update. The lack of apps like iphone - Symbian^3 is still new, just a month old. U dont expect a new os like that to have 300k apps from the start. Even iOS just started off with a few apps. There is currently more than 120 apps available for the n8 and more coming soon.
On the more positive side, so far the browser experience is MUCH better than the E72. The E72 was pain stakingly slow for example at going to a previous page. With the N8 it is much faster. Also, with the larger screen it's a much better experience overall.

Regarding the touch screen, I am starting to get used to it and also my typing on the onscreen keyboard has improved dramatically in just 2 days.

Finally, from what I have seen in the last 2 days the battery life is quite impressive. I spent hours today downloading downloading apps, browsing the web over 3G and WiFi, and also configuring the panels/settings. I also made a few phone calls and used the FM transmitter to listen to music in my car. The phone has been with me since 8am and by 11pm at night it still has ~30% charge left. That is quite good if you ask me. Overall I will rate it 9.5/10. The half a point is only because it crashes sometimes. Else 10/10. Nokia has to attend the restart problem soon.


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N8, ignoring the fact that it has the lame symbian... But the camera is amazing , the USB On The Go is the best feature of them all, everything works!... the HDMI is really useful, FM transmitter is a wonder, Divx Xvid playback, Bluetooth 3.0, 16 GB of internal memory + 32 from Micro SD. GREAT AMOLED display, elegant construction and feeling... I'm satisfied. I don't give a damn about the Symbian.