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Why It Is Important To Completely Wipe Your Hard Drive

"Wiping" a hard drive does not simply mean deleting all the files on your computer. Deleting files on the hard drive or reformatting your hard drive is part of the truth but it still manages to leave data that is recoverable. That data can include sensitive material such as passwords, credit card information, banking information, etc. You need to do what is referred to as a disk wiping.

Each time you hit the delete key on your keyboard you are removing the shortcuts to your files that are visible to a user. Deleted files can still be recovered and one only has to do a Google search to get a multitude of sites that will instruct them on how to recover deleted data.
You've had your computer for quite some time and you have decided that instead of upgrading your computer, you want to buy a new one. So what do you do with your old PC? What ever you think of, keep in mind that erasing or wiping your hard drive is something you should give serious thought to before getting rid of an old desktop or laptop.
Use Of Completely Wiping a Hard Drive. 
Research that was done by "collecting 168 hard drives from different businesses, found that over 40 percent had recoverable data and over 30 percent had sensitive information like credit card numbers, usernames and passwords.
PC World magazine conducted an informal survey as well; using bought or salvaged hard drives in Massachusetts. It found that 90 percent had recoverable data." By erasing a hard drive and its operating system, you no longer have to worry about anyone being able to retrieve anything from your computer.
Whether to Donate or Discard Your Computer
Keep in mind that a computer usually has a hardware life of seven years and a useful life of three years. That is because companies are always coming out with software upgrades. And each time an upgrade is available, you need a more powerful computer to run those upgrades.

If your computer is less than five years old, you may want to think about donating it to a non-profit or school-based refurbisher. Either way, it's important that your computer be handed over completely free of all your confidential files and documents.

What to Do When Donating
When donating your computer to a local charity or school, you want to be sure your computer is free of any important data. Performing a disk wipe insures that no one can get their hands on your confidential data. Once you donate, you never know whose hands your computer will end up in. If you wish to go above and beyond the call of duty after wiping the hard drive, reinstall the operating system using the disks that came with your computer or laptop. Include these disks to the person(s) you are donating your computer to. Even if you don't know how to reinstall an operating system, by providing the disks to whomever you donate your computer to will be appreciated.
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