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Windows 7 Completely Unusable With Dual Monitors | Windows Bug

Windows in general, detects when a monitor is turned off in a Multi monitor setup and moves the applications outputting to the second monitor from the main monitor, however in some situations, this is rather annoying.
Dell monitor connected to DVI output is working fine, but Samsung TV connected to displayport output with a displayport->hdmi adapter is connecting/disconnecting every time the tv is shut down or computer goes in and out of power saving mode. And when this happens, all windows go back to the first monitor. This makes win7 completely unusable with dual monitors.
The feature is nice to hook up an external monitor from time to time, but NOT if you want always to work with two monitors. We need a way to disable this. So far there is no way to turn this feature off to make a program stays on the monitor.

I've to say that I'm not much confident on microsoft providing a solution... because they don't see the problem. for my friend, the situation is the same...

Notebook with HDMI output connected to LCDTV HDMI input

Everything goes fine, then, when he decide to watch some tv. he have to  change the HDMI source from HDMI1 to HDMI2 (where DirectTV tuner is connected) he watch  his thing, and when he try to go back to HDMI1 to continue surfin' the net, he finds nothing. No signal. He have to actually open the lid of his notebook, go to properties.. bla bla, and switch the input to Digital Tuner again.


By the way, he is using vista on that notebook and i am using windows 7... so, if they didn't fix this since vista was released, I don't think they will do it from now on. What a stupid bug!!

Is This behavior is by its design:
This behavior is by design and they don't think there is a way to override this functionality except to make sure that both monitors are turned on when you start the system.

If a second monitor is not detected, everything will be displayed on the available monitor.


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