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Windows 7 Freezes On Start-Up | Fix Windows 7 Freezing Problem

What to do when Windows 7 computer freezes on start-up. Some times It may go through the user/password process, and begins to load. And It will go to your desktop and start loading everything for about 10 seconds or so before it completely freezes. How to fix this issue? 

Well, if your system worked fine earlier and only recently you come to see this kind of problem / error, then try the following methods to see if any thing works well for you.
  • Open PC casing (if it is desktop) and Check everything is seated correctly, memory.graphics check all cables etc.
  • If you have installed any new hardware or software, try to remove them  and then start your system to see if everything works. If it works, try to get a new driver for the hardware.. or try to replace the hardware, the problem might be with the hardware.
  • Update the driver (use windows Update to find any Microsoft Update is available)
  • Run malware removal (malwarebytes) software to get rid of all such unwanted stuff from your computer.
  • Use msconfig and check what start up programs you have, then disable them all reboot. if that fixes issue start one by one to find the one causing the issue. Uninstall that driver for now. and get it from here if you already didn't: and you have check all in link: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929135
  • Try System Restore. Restore your system to a day when everything worked fine for you.
If the problem still continues, try the below procedure.

Go to COMMAND PROMPT - RIGHT CLICK - RUN AS ADMIN - type - sfc /scannow 
If windows 7 freezes at random, then this problem should be relates to the registry. When the Windows registry is full of errors it can stop your system from properly running.The registry contains the information of your computer which is used to communicate between the OS, software, and hardware devices... 

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