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Checking Wireless Security With Aircrack-Ng

Checking Wireless Security with aircrack-ng: Wireless networking can be a very big security risk for your organization for at least two reasons:
  • A hacker could get access to your network if they can get within range of a wireless access point that is not protected by encryption (an "open" network) or if the encryption key can easily be guessed
  • A hacker could set up a socalled "rogue" open access point, and then trick users into connecting to that rather than the company's real wireless access point. Once connected the hacker can usually gain access to the user's computer and any data sent to the rogue access point.
Wireless Encryption
To connect to your wireless network, a hacker first needs to authenticate himself by providing an encryption key (unless it is an "open" access, which is an open invitation to hackers). Most organizations use a system called WPA Enterprise, which is generally very secure, but smaller organizations may use alternative systems called WPA, WPA2, or WEP.

WEP is a very insecure system, and a hacker can often get access to a network that uses WEP encryption in less than two minutes. (For more information about this, see

WPA and WPA2, on the other hand, are both very secure -- unless the WPA key needed to access the wireless network is short enough to be brute-forced.

To maintain security it is important to ensure some form of WPA with long, random passwords protects your wireless networks. There is also a danger that users within your organization decide to connect their own access points to the network for their own purposes – perhaps so that they can use a Wi-Fi equipped mobile device – or that a hacker
sets up an open access point. 

These unauthorized or rogue access points are security risks, so it is important to scan your workplace regularly to detect them as quickly as possible.


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