Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Connecting Windows To WEP Enabled Wireless Router

Windows cannot connect to WEP: Sometimes when you upgraded to Windows 7 from earlier version of Windows, you may mess up connecting to the internet with your Wireless Router using WEP encryption. And you will receive an error message that says windows cannot connect…
Actually, if you have certain N wireless NICs, they will not connect using WEP as support is not in the drivers. There are some Intel NICs for example.
If you have connection problem between your windows 7 PC and Wireless Router, Just try the idea of taking the security off to see if you can connect, but there have never been an incompatible router. Regardless of brand or type the only thing that has to be compatible is the wireless signal ( and that is pretty easy as long as its not A or B).
  1. Access the router by using a wired connection.
  2. Go to the administration part / Wireless
  3. Under administration there was a choice for "Authentication and Encryption"
  4. Click on "Authentication and Encryption"
  5. It will give you a choice to disable security under that.
  6. Disable security and from that you will be able to connect to your router wirelessly.
  7. After connected wirelessly, access the rourter and re enabled security.
  8. Reboot the computer (pull out the wired connection) and it will always connect to the wireless WEP connection with no problem.
Warning! Not everyone is personally aware of the WEP risks. And not everyone who visits internet through a wireless router is an expert on wireless networking. But to tell you the fact, WEP is NOT safe. WEP was made optional in the final 802.11n specification. And some users do not know how unsafe WEP is. Most people would like the choice of securing their networks properly. And if you are looking for a secured connection, You need to change to at least WPA. Even if that means buying new hardware.


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