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Desktop Icons Disappear When Monitor Goes On Sleep

Leave your computer on and it will be still running but the screen with be on sleep and when you come back, some of your desktop icons will be missing. Have you come across this problem?

Well, this is an known bug on Windows 7 beta version. And this was not fixed even when the RC was released. And now, a year has gone since the release of Windows 7, still,few face this problem.

We have to do with the refresh, if you refresh the desktop the icon will come back it disappears on rename. And you need to log out and log back in to resolve the issue.

Here's something to try.
I think your computer thinks it has two monitors and only one woke up or they did not wake up at the same time. What is happening is that all your icons are off to the left but you can't reach them. I discovered this when I pressed the "home" button on my keyboard that normally brings up my internet homepage (it is on most keyboards a little picture of a house in the upper right or left).

I saw a small movement on the left of my screen -- which had been completely blank except for the wallpaper and unresponsive up to that moment -- and realized it was the very right hand edge of my home page. I was able to drag it to the right so I could see it. I thus realized my computer was up and running but all the icons, taskbars etc were shifted left, off to an imaginary screen on the left.

Next time you are rebooted and running, go to your display control center (you may be able to get it by right clicking on the desktop). If you see two monitors shown as running and you only have one monitor, this is probably why you are having the problem. Make the changes and apply so that you only have one monitor recognized by your computer.
The problem has occurred with a number of gateway computers; I know the Gateway comes with two cables and doesn't tell you which one is the right one for your screen, so a lot of people may be connecting both cables to the same screen. And for people who doesn't know what gateway computers are, had never faced this problem. It was a bug till Windows 7 RC, and hope Microsoft has corrected it.

See if this works.


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