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Disable Network Password In Windows 7 When Accessing Computers With Previous Windows

Sometimes, when you have all your files in a Windows XP Computer, and if you want to access the files  it may keep asking for the Network password  even when you don't have a network password.

First see, How does it work when you access the Windows 7 computer from the Windows XP or Windows Vista computer. And how does it work if you temporarily disable the firewall in Windows 7?

Since the issue occurs when you access other computers from Windows 7, we may need to check the settings on the other computers. Please let us know:
  1. What is the version of the Windows XP computer. If it is Windows XP Professional, if the Guest account and Simple File Sharing is enabled.
  2. If “Password protected sharing” is disabled in Windows Vista.
  3. If the issue occurs when you access a specified shared folder.
The best way to resolve such issues is disabling “Simple File Sharing” in Windows XP (Professional), enabling “Password protected sharing” in Windows Vista and Windows 7, and creating the same username\password on each computers. If Windows XP is Home Edition, you can enable Guest on it.

Another way is enabling “Simple File Sharing” and Guest account in Windows XP (Professional), disabling “Password protected sharing” in Windows Vista and Windows 7, then give the permission to the Guest account for the shared folders.

How To Enable Simple File Sharing In Windows Xp:
  1. Go To Windows Explorer (My Computer)
  2. Click On Tools - > Folder Options
  3. Click On View
  4. Drag Down To The Last Option There.


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