Wednesday, December 22, 2010


How To Delete Themes In Windows 7

One has to know the very simple logic that, when a file is already open, it cant be deleted. And this also applies to Windows Themes.

Have you ever noticed in Windows 7 when you are working with Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Personalization.

You can create a new desktop theme; however, You wont find a option to delete or remove a theme once it has been created.

Is this a bug in Windows 7? No, it is not. It is by design, that you cannot change /alter or delete a file that is in use by Windows.

What is the way to delete?
Pretty much this, The theme you want to delete cant be in use. Try applying a completely different theme, and try again or just follow the steps below.
  1. You have to click on another theme so the one you want to delete is not highlighted
  2. And then right click the theme you want to delete, then click on "Delete theme".
If its highlighted when you right click it, the only options are "Save theme" and "Save theme for sharing"


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