Wednesday, December 15, 2010


How To Do A Repair Install Of Windows To Fix Problem Without Loosing All Installed Softwares

Just if something has gone terribly wrong and you cannot boot into Windows... Say for example, when some Windows file got corrupt... like winload.exe and some vital dll's - or maybe something has gone wrong in the registry, the best solution to save your Installed applications and system registry information is to do a repair installation.
Note: In some worst case, if you cant log into windows due to some blue screen error, you cannot perform Repair installation. In such case, the only way is to do a clean install of your Windows 7 or windows Vista. Also note that, The installer for Windows 6 (VISTA) and Windows 7 are almost identical in this regard.
The question is, How to do a repair install to fix the problem without deleting all of  your programs, current registry etc. In case of Windows XP, we could just boot off the disk and do a repair install, but one can't seem to find a similar function with Windows 7 or Windows Vista

Ok, the solution is simple..
  • Boot from the DVD
  • Go through the installation wizard.
  • When it asks you if you want to do a clean install or an upgrade, select the Upgrade option.
This will do what is called an "in place upgrade" of the Operating System. This will also work for Vista. The installer for Windows 6.x (both Vista and 7) are almost identical in this regard.
Note: When you finish, you will need to re-activate Windows 7 and you will likely want to run Windows Update to make sure you've got all of the latest updates from there, but your installed apps will still be there.


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